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Left Hand Right Brain Podcast

Left Hand Right Brain is the podcast where JD Lopez, comedian and self proclaimed sensitive artist, has a free flowing conversation with other artists breaking down their creative process and exploring our personal foibles. But, it’s not as pretentious as it sounds. We talk about all this and more while kicking back, cracking wise, and having a good time.

Jul 24, 2014

Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: The Underground Music Showcase, moving your gear blues, the UMS trying to compete with SXSW, the hustle of being a local band in the UMS, friendly competition between bands, what bands we’re looking forward to this year, creative ways that bands self promote, bad gifts, and we end the pod with a round of JD’s Fantasy Celebrity Deathmatch!


LHRB 02: UMS All Stars Show w/Eric Riley, Michael Thompson, & Johnny Symmes


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