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Left Hand Right Brain Podcast

Left Hand Right Brain is the podcast where JD Lopez, comedian and self proclaimed sensitive artist, has a free flowing conversation with other artists breaking down their creative process and exploring our personal foibles. But, it’s not as pretentious as it sounds. We talk about all this and more while kicking back, cracking wise, and having a good time.

Dec 17, 2013

This week JD and Joanna shoots the shit with guest Justin Franzen. Justin is a home grown Denver improvisor who has developed the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse’s improv training program. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: Justin’s approach to improv, burlesque, the different shows the Voodoo has to offer, Justin’s time in the Chicago improv scene, barprov, the Denver improv community, Joanna learns what it means to go “blue”, drama at Hometown for the Holidays, and what Disney prince/princess we would be.

Episode #27 Dumb And From The Bum

Episode #27 Dumb And From The Bum

Go to the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse website below to find out when improv classes are starting and when you can see Justin performing live improv comedy!

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse – Denver Improv Comedy – Denver Improv Classes – Denver Sketch Comedy – Denver Karaoke – Full Bar & Lounge