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Left Hand Right Brain Podcast

Left Hand Right Brain is the podcast where JD Lopez, comedian and self proclaimed sensitive artist, has a free flowing conversation with other artists breaking down their creative process and exploring our personal foibles. But, it’s not as pretentious as it sounds. We talk about all this and more while kicking back, cracking wise, and having a good time.

Dec 10, 2013

This week JD and Joanna shoots the shit with guest Royce Roeswood. Royce is a Denver based playwright, director, actor, improvisor, and all around cool dude doing a bunch of cool stuff in the mile high. Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: how Royce found improv, The Lakewood Lions, improv crowds vs stand-up comedy crowds, what it’s like to be a published playwright, the writing process, our past lives, living a minimalist lifestyle, the pursuit of comfort killing the soul, and we look at fear from an evolutionary point of view.

Our buddy Royce Roeswood teaching us to follow our fear.

Our buddy Royce Roeswood teaching us to follow our fear.

Hey wanna find out where you can see Royce? Well, check out these links below!

Bovine Metropolis Theater:

The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse:

Horse & Cart: